As our commitment to expand our network in Indonesia. We offer you some potential vacancies under Click Picts Indonesia Ltd. This position is open to all talented people’s in Indonesia that require intermediate skill in every division. The candidate will get full training from us depend on their skill in order to have the same vision as Social Entrepreneur Company in Indonesia. We also open some opportunities to nurturing high skilled human resources in our platform.

As the first step, we will recruit in Sumatera, Java and Bali Island as our main market right now and after that, we will expand to all region in Indonesia to give social impact consist of upgrading skill knowledge in photography and also business management model to increase the income per capita of every single photographer in Indonesia.

As the requirement, you can send your CV (Curriculum Vitae) to and resume your profile and experiences as photographer or videographer. So, it’s time to apply!

Our Vacancy Opportunity Portal: Here

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