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Farhan Kurnia Mayendri, S.E, M.A
Founder and CEO of Clickpicts Indonesia Ltd.

He has +6 years of experience in brand management, product innovation, and business analytics. He was the awardee of Young Leader Indonesia, from McKinsey & Company Indonesia to unleash the youth potential in Indonesia. This program drives him to create an entrepreneurial incubator called Clickpicts Indonesia, officially legalized in 2015 under the Ministry of Law Republic Indonesia as a limited company (Ltd.). This firm has a fast-growing brand consulting and think tank sector in economic development and global network.

After the sustained growth of this business, He preferred to keep a dual role as a professional and academic by receiving a scholarship from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. He graduated from Master of Arts (M.A) in Economics at Hacettepe University, the leading reputable university in Turkey. He has acquired several statistics software such as MATLAB, Stata, EViews, and R. These skills drove him as an economics specialist with data-driven oriented.

Prior to life after graduation, at the bachelor level, He got The Most Outstanding Student 2014 (known as MAWAPRES) at the University of Lampung. He became The Top 10 Most Outstanding Student of Indonesia in the same year. The highest prestigious award from the Ministry of the Education Republic of Indonesia which emphasized cognitive ability, foreign languages, research, and international/domestic achievements. He has received an honor to be the Indonesian representative as the Invitation from the Asia Europe Foundation in ASEM Rectors Conference in Hangzhou, China. My leadership experience started in 2011, and He was the Head of Youth Brigade in the Student Union Organization at the faculty level. Besides, in the international organization, He was also the founder and the president of AIESEC LC UNILA in the 2012/2013 term that connects youth from more than 130 countries in the world.

His current experience in brand consulting accomplished agreement contracts with various clients in regional governments, education institutes, and private firms in the South-East Asia region. Along with his aspiration in the United Nations SDG’s number 8, to promote sustained economic growth and generated decent work for all people.