Our History

Our History

Since 2015, our company has been a limited company under the official legalization of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. In the early work, Clickpicts Indonesia focused on creating visually attractive masterpieces as Indonesia’s first creative industry platform. Our mission is to spread the positive impact by improving the quality of creative industry players through the advancement of the brand’s promotional. Besides that, we have also concern with global tourism awareness through B2B and B2G partnerships. Encased as Clickpro House, this subsidiary company has been used by many companies and institutions in a variety of countries.

On its way, Clickpicts Indonesia Ltd. has become an open sector company in a variety of businesses. This company has transformed into a big group of several businesses that existed in Investment Management, International Trade, Agribusiness, Think-Tank organization known as the Global Initiative Network Institute. In addition, to boost up the innovation adjusted with social-environmentally change, this company group has a subsidiary company called Rhanov Enterprise that focuses on research and development. With some reputable partners abroad, this company group has recently expanded its product, influence, and market to Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia.

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