Rhanov Enterprise

The Future is in Your Hand

Global social-environmental change is undergoing a rapid transformation. Rhanov Enterprise exists to be a solution to future needs with a long journey in global society that adapts to the most advanced technology for future civilizations.

Rhanov Enterprise


Rhanov Agro & Trade

Focuses on agricultural innovation and trade from production to distribution, from zero to one hundred percent. We have implemented the most-end technology in agricultural modernization and applied a land-grabbing strategy in country partners.

Rhanov Technology

The center of research and development (RnD) of Clickpicts Corp that emphasizes the future industry, which is dominated by enrichment technology in Telecommunication, 3D Printing, Secure-Crypto Technology, and Super App

Rhanov Investment

Rhanov Investment

An investment management division that assure the potential business and financial health of clients in order to ensure a beneficial long-term investment that is in aligned with industry needs.


Who have the fastest innovation and own the most-end technology will be the winner of the civilization competition before another new innovation come.

Farhan Mayendri, CEO Clickpicts

Every continents had their golden age, due to innovation in technology, politics, and economy

Elon Musk, CEO Tesla