What We Do

CLICKPICTS.com is a business platform which focus to engage youth potential in Indonesia who have commitment to apply excellent art sense and the beauty of creativity as modern industry with value as “Your Branding Partner”.

This platform has been upgraded to become Click Picts Indonesia Ltd. as one of Indonesian company who implements (Glocal) Global at Locally with nurturing social entrepreneur spirit. We has specialized services as brand consultant with produce brand campaign package, corporate video, cinematic promotional videos, event video, motion and design graphics, elegant animation and also photography and cinematography activity that support product likes pre-wedding, wedding, company profile, brand promotional and event for a diverse range of clients.

Our company also have economic empowerment program for society especially in emerging market and rural area as our support to UN SDG’s (United National – Sustainable Development Goals) No 8 “Decent Works and Economic Growth” to nurturing high competitiveness of Small Medium Enterprises (SME’s) in our environment and to strengthening their brand in regional and international market and also promoting sustainable local tourism through every promotional video and creates related jobs, promotes local culture and creative craft products


News Source CLICKPICTS.com
One of our commitment towards UN SDG’s program which published by Indonesia’s Newspaper

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