Since 2015, our company has been a limited company under the official legalization of the Ministry of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia. In the early work, Clickpicts Indonesia focused on creating visually attractive masterpieces as Indonesia’s first creative industry platform. Our mission is to spread the positive impact by improving the quality of creative industry players through the advancement of the brand’s identity. Besides that, we have also concern with global tourism awareness through B2B and B2G partnerships. On its way, Clickpicts Indonesia Ltd. has become an open sector company in a variety of businesses. The company has been transformed into a business corporation into three main business units: ClickDev, Rhanov Enterprise and Clickpro House. These lines of businesses provide Investment Management, Consulting Services, International Trade, Agribusiness, Think-Tank, Production House, and Research & Development. With some reputable partners abroad, this company group has recently expanded its product, influence, and market to Eastern Europe, North Africa, and Central Asia.

Green Campus Company Profile 2016 [Dual Language]

It’s great to works together with them, they are so cooperative and multitalent person. They understood the direction easily and so professional. Congratulation for 51st Anniversary for our loyal customer … Continue reading Green Campus Company Profile 2016 [Dual Language]

The Wedding of Shangmin Park and Yussi

There are so many story behind this wedding. They have many milestone to reach their true love. South Korea and Indonesia is not a long distance to unity their love. No words for long distance again because they already unity as official husband and wife until the rest of life.

“Challenging Life” The Pre Wedding of Nike and Hery

Oh.. this world is not enough with this current satisfaction, they always looking for many challenges that show up in front of them. Their love story is not easy to … Continue reading “Challenging Life” The Pre Wedding of Nike and Hery