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Brief Work

We are a platform in Indonesia’s creative industry that has engaged hundreds of young talents from South East Asia. Our primary mission is to foster countless fantastic works of art and creativity in the modern creative industry. As a subsidiary of Clickpicts Indonesia Ltd, we provides you an elegant concept, design, and animation that will last for the foreseeable future. This platform has been implemented Glocal philosophy, which stands for Global at Locally.

For a broad range of clients, our creative production house platform specializes in producing corporate video, cinematic promotional videos, event video, motion, product launch, design graphics, and elegant motion animation. Using a world-class production technique and a convincing storytelling approach to help you win the hearts and minds of the relevant stakeholders.

We are also committed to contributing positively to society through our CSR program, particularly in the areas of high-quality education, decent work, and employment in remote areas. With the “Indonesia is So Branded” label, Clickpro House aims to improve the quality of human resources in Indonesia while also promoting the country to the rest of the world.

  • Understanding the market.
  • Applied the local wisdom.
  • Promote the beauty of local nature

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