“The Victory of Love” – Pre Wedding of Kiki and Via

Nine years is not short time to have special relationship and keep the harmony. Kiki and Via show that love is not about how long you can close each other, but how you can trust your love until the declaration of love. Their love adventure is an god creature that build this destiny from the zero time. Congratulation for your victory of love, let the world know how strong your love. Continue reading ““The Victory of Love” – Pre Wedding of Kiki and Via”

The Wedding of Ade Umar and Sarah Schuetz

Love is always shows their secret, this couple is the proof of pure love it’s not depend on skin, ethnic, nation or religion. They can create their love story after facing many challenges in every time. Sometimes it difficult to maintain this relationship, but they do that. This is a lesson for our life that differences will not ruining everything, but will make something. Continue reading “The Wedding of Ade Umar and Sarah Schuetz”

The Pre Wedding of Akmal and Yolanda “Fantastic Moment”

It so fantastic to capture their best moment for this photo shoot. The story of their life is never empty and always looking for simple way that will be their focus for the future. Every place that they choose for the place is fulfill of love without looking for luxury or glamour, but we can give them the best shoot that suitable with them and this is very fantastic moment. Continue reading “The Pre Wedding of Akmal and Yolanda “Fantastic Moment””

“The Colorful Love” Pre Wedding Hengky Yohannes and Sarika Kirby

“This deep feeling will not let the other will be my priority except you. We hold this relation from now until the end of my life”. Their love is so colorful, they has many suitability to each other. The meaning that they get is we should follow the way of our love with full of enthusiasm like follow river water flow, not as a dead fish or rubbish, but as water which is absorbed with the many near tree or root in around them. They get the meaning from that colorful life and journey to engage their forever love.
Continue reading ““The Colorful Love” Pre Wedding Hengky Yohannes and Sarika Kirby”

“The Palace of Love” The Wedding of Febryanti & Widodo

The holy word just said “I accept to marry her as my lifetime partner forever”. Febryanti full of affected looking to Widodo after he said the holy word in the declaration of love. They are so happy and looking each other in that meaningful moment. The palace of their love is so very touching. We capture all the moment when the family is nervous for looking their child before the declaration of of love and they so happy the wedding is run well. Continue reading ““The Palace of Love” The Wedding of Febryanti & Widodo”

Open Book for International Pre-Wedding

“It can be the time for you to spend the rest of your life with your destiny now, you can begin the rest of your life with say that you really commit with all of your prepared in all time to facing the real big day of your life with engage it in holy bond”

We offer you the International Pre-Wedding in beautiful country destination that you want. It will make your best moment will be the really great things that you have ever done.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for let you have the best memory in entire of your life with your love.

For direct information : +62-812-6626-0750 or email to info@clickpicts.com

“A Precious Love” of Rudy and Diny

When we engage the great relation that will be an precious love. Rudy and Diny show us the greatest thing of their life is the pure love relationship that was began in several years. Somebody said “It will difficult”, but they prove it their love is the precious love. Taken place in Bandar Lampung city with the combination of night and the noon, it come as the best thing for their precious love. Continue reading ““A Precious Love” of Rudy and Diny”

Pre-Wedding Season 1

It so many best memory and great honor to be taking part of our customer to create beautiful Pre-Wedding. This beauty is kind of photography art that we apply to satisfy our customer. We did it in many beautiful place in Indonesia with theme is natural place to regain their memory from simple one to facing their excellent future. Thank you for your best cooperation with us, keep in touch and we pray all the best for your future.

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