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The world has transformed the society into a global scale. With the exponential era of social-environmentally change in all sectors, the world without boundaries will naturally exist among the global citizen. The one who have the early takeoffs in global network, innovation, and invention will lead the influence, market, and power (Mayendri, F.K, 2020).

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We are a cross-national underground organization that contributes to the harmonization of international corporations and global governments. The Global Initiative Network Institute, also known as The-GINI, has a spirit of togetherness in order to build a solid partnership and positive collaboration programs. This institute maintains a network with all countries around the world. Based in the virtual world, The-GINI has members from various countries, engages with world leaders and companies all over the world. As the concrete of the youth movement, the goal of this institute is to create a sustainability program among the partners through a global collaboration program. Along with the philosophy of ‘gini in the economics’ as the measurement to review an inequality, The-GINI exists to conquer the old fashion of supreme power by unleashing the potential of partners’ members.

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We set you up a connection with related needs of network, the key sectors are: Politics, Trade, Education, and Industries

We provide enterprises with large-scale effective database pooling in order to improve business growth.

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Top Leader Forum 1.0

Opening Remarks

Mr. Sandiaga Uno

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy, the Republic of Indonesia

Top Leader Forum 1.0 was succeed to have Top Leader from 3 countries; Indonesia, Uzbekistan, and Turkey. This international event was initiated by The Global Initiative Network Institute, in this occasion we collaborated with PPI Dunia.

Moderated by Mr. Niwa Dwitama as one of the top youth talent of Indonesia in the last decade, the former brand ambassador of One Young World. This event was opened by the Minister of Tourism & Creative Economy Affairs of Indonesia, Mr. Sandiaga Uno.

Keynote Speakers

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Uzbekistan;
Mr. Furqatbek Sidiq

Vice Major of Bursa Province, Turkey;
Mr. Ahmet Yildiz

Governor of Bangka Belitung Islands Province, Indonesia;
Mr. Erzaldi Rosman

Full Event

Attended by 349 participants
from 8 countries