Bridal House

Life is love, and love your precious moments

Create your bride story and the moment during your happiest day
with astonishing memorable photos and videos in every places
that you really want as the witness of the truly love.


The upcoming moments before the marital day and remains the memory with full of joy.


You are a couple of royal day, once in a life with your beloved spouse and make it as the happiest day for you, your family, and your relative.

Post Wedding

There is a moment when your love increased the caring and happy days after the marriage, make it as beautiful as you wish.

There is only one thing about marriage that has widened the vision as a family, which is the responsibility for caring each other.

Franky Junior

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Pre Wedding

Let’s make something beautiful together.

Latest Work of Our Bridal House

The Pre Wedding of Ega & Kiki

Love recognizes no barriers. It jumps hurdles, leaps the shadow, penetrates stones to arrive at its full purpose of hope.

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