Tiga Pilar

We brings the concepts of integration and inception into the communication area, and also create messages that are representative of ideas and the ideas of fundamentally.

Maintain communication latency through critical analysis, dynamic strategies, and in-depth processes that makes communication not only a process of conveying and receiving ideas, but a contextual relation







Corporate Visual

We’ve had an incredible response to the needs of Corporate Institutions by showcases the virtual visualization of company profile.

TV Show Case

We have a tremendous masterpiece to elaborate the company to reach the market segmentation through a television ads.


All memories in the event captured by our approach in cinematic, journalistic and the mass media communication

Cinematic Promotional

We are uniting our resources to create a cinematic movie with purpose to promote the unity in diversity and the goals of our clients to the people.


We organize promotional ads media for all groups in various lines, both BTL and ATL.

Product Launch

Product launching of a brand nurtures the awareness of the customer in the market.

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Jakarta in A Glimpse

The magnificent of Indonesia’s capital with the harmonization of various culture, race, and religions

“So many things are possible just as long as you don’t know they’re impossible.”

Norton Juster