Little World in Bangka Belitung Project

Boost up all potential with improving the performance of local economic growth through tourism brand development and environment project

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[Booklet] Little World in Bangka Belitung


Title in EXPA System : Discover Bangka Belitung
Branch Name : PT. Click Picts Indonesia
Project Link:
Openings (Available/Total) : 20/20
EXPA match time range: 1 May – 24 July 2017
Committee : AIESEC in UNILA
Application Closed : 18 July 2017
Start Date : 24 July 2017
End Date : 3 September 2017
Location : Bangka Belitung Islands, Indonesia


Role Description:
This project focus on SDG’s No.8 “Decent Work and Economic Growth”: Aims to develop and support productive activities, decent job creation, entrepreneurship, tourism business potential, creativity and innovation.

This project theme “ECOVOLUNTOURISM” which run for green activity and encourage tourism business potential in Bangka Belitung with EWOM (Electronic Word of Mouth) by article, video and pictures. Exchange participant is expected to implement sustainable management of all types of plants and recover degraded forests.

Main Activities:
1. Create strategy of Marketing (promotional tools) through tourism activities.
2. Save environment through reforesting and other eco-friendly activities in Bangka Botanical Garden
3. Intern will get cross cultural exchange through global village and fair.
4. Visit school to conduct session to care about environment and promote tourism potential.
5. Visit tourism site in every weekend to nurturing business incubator system.
6. Create article, pictures and video while exploring Bangka Belitung to promote tourism spot.
7. Meeting point in Depati Amir Airport (Pangkal Pinang).
8. At the end, EP is expected to create excellent promotional tools based on your group activity.

Selection Process:
1. Click the “APPLY” button on this opportunity through link:
2. Fill the interview form
3. Interview
4. If you’re the suitable candidate for this opportunity, our team will send you the Acceptance Letter
5. Pre-Arrival documents preparation
6. Book your flight ticket with destination to Depati Amir Airport (Pangkal Pinang City)
6. Enjoy your participation


– Content Marketing – Ecology
– Digital Marketing – Leadership
– Market Research – Training Project Management
– Content Strategy – Relationship Management
– Agile development – Risk Management
– Blogging – Social Media Management
– Business Intelligence – Team Management
– Sales – Time Management

Backgrounds Preferable:
– Marketing
– Economics
– Business Administration
– Communication & Journalism
– Ecology


Study Levels:
– Bachelor
– Masters
– Doctorate

All countries in the world could apply through our EXPA system

Nationalities Preferable:
– Albania – Algeria – Argentina
– Australia – Austria – Azerbaijan
– Armenia – Belgium – Brazil
– Bulgaria – Cameroon – Canada
– Chile – Colombia – Costa Rica
– Croatia- Czech Republic
– Denmark – Ecuador – Finland
– France – Germany – Georgia
– Greece – Hungary – Iran
– Italy – Japan – Jordan
– Kazakhstan – Korea – Kyrgyzstan
– Mexico – Mongolia – Montenegro
– Morocco – Mozambique
– New Zealand – Nigeria – Norway
– Paraguay – Peru – Poland
– Portugal – Russia – Romania
– Slovakia – South Africa
– Spain – Sweden
– Switzerland – Tunisia – Turkey
– Ukraine – United Arab Emirates
– United Kingdom – United States

Expected Work Schedule : 08.00 AM – 04.00 PM
Weekend Work : No
Company Computer : No

Food Covered : At least 2 meals per day
Food On Weekends : Yes
Flight Transportation : Not covered
City Transportation : Covered
Transportation On Weekends : Yes
Accommodation Provided : Provided (Homestay or Host Family)
Accommodation Covered : Yes

Health Insurance Option:
Before travel to Indonesia, participants must have the travel and health insurance. We recommend to use: AXA, Prudential, Zurich, AIA, Cigna, and ACE
Visa Type : Socio Culture Visa
Visa Duration : 60 days
Visa Link :


Goal : 8. Decent work and economic growth
Target : 8. By 2030, devise and implement policies to promote sustainable tourism that creates jobs and promotes local culture and products

Platinum Partners :
– PT. Click Picts Indonesia (
– Bangka Belitung Government
Coordination : AIESEC in Unila
Potential Reach : 1000
Already Reached : 300

Implementation : Create an article in blog, social media, or website about tourism potential in Bangka Belitung Island. At the end, for supporting good EWOM (Electronic Word of Mouth), the participants is expected to create beautiful pictures and promotional video that trained by our partner as media promotion.

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